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The Club Committee has agreed to reserve one or (if
the demand warrants it) two courts, for the use of “senior” players who are
relatively new to tennis, and for those members who feel that they are not
“strong” players. The courts would be used to play informal games with other
club members who play to a similar standard.


These courts will be available on an ongoing basis, between 2-00pm and 4-00pm on each Saturday,
beginning on 1st of March 2014. The courts will be available in the “social tennis”
format, that is to say, the club will provide tennis balls at no cost, and all
you have to do is to turn up, put your peg on the board, and doubles games will
be set up for you to play.


The intention of this new initiative is to try to make
the Club more relevant and more appealing to all such players, by offering
informal and fun tennis at the week end, and by
providing the opportunity to practice their game. It is hoped that such all
players will take advantage of this initiative, and that the new social tennis
sessions will be well-used


If you are new to tennis, or if you feel that you are
not a “strong” player, then please do come along and use the courts at these
times. The Club values you as a member, and wants to offer you tennis in a
format that suits you.