The Club Committee members are:

  • Mr S Drummond (Chair, Communications Officer)
  • Mr N Attwood (Secretary)
  • Mr A Hotfelder (Treasurer)
  • Mr P Sadler (Membership, Welfare, Ball Supply)
  • Mr J Baybutt (Team Manager, Ball Machine Officer)
  • Ms L Maclean (Team Manager)
  • Mr M Smith (Tournaments)
  • Ms T Flynn (Clubhouse Supplies & Catering)
  • Mrs M Bell (Premises Officer)
  • Mrs S Fairbairn (Socials Co-ordinator)
  • Mr J Garrett (Court Refurbishment Project)
  • Mrs S. Lawrence-Taylor (First Aid Box, LTA Registration)

Non-Committee Roles

  • Mr J Marquez (Head Coach)

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Act as an ambassador for the club
  • Call meetings when appropriate
  • Identify other key committee roles
  • Chair committee meetings AGMs and SGMs
  • May be called on to act as mediator.
  • To attend County LTA Forum meetings


  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records for the club or organisation
  • Establish and maintain club/organisation bank/building society accounts and banking arrangements
  • Produce and monitor annual budget
  • Report financial position to the committee
  • Advise the Committee on financial implications of proposals that come before it
  • Collect and deposit all fees, subscriptions and funds
  • Prepare and issue receipts for monies received
  • Ensure that funds are spent appropriately
  • Explore funding opportunities for the club/organisation
  • Pay any bills occurring
  • Prepare end of year financial report for AGM

Club Secretary

  • Ensure club/organisation affiliations, e.g. National Sport Governing Body
  • Deal with all outgoing and incoming correspondence
  • Keep club/organisation (non membership) records accurate and up to date
  • Liaise with Chair to arrange meetings
  • Prepare agendas and take and distribute minutes from committee meetings
  • Ensure that all club/organisation members have relevant information before and after meetings
  • Act as Volunteer Coordinator:
    • Act as the main contact for all volunteers
    • Get to know all Club Volunteers and potential volunteers by name
    • Ensure that all jobs have a job description
    • Supervise and oversee all volunteers
    • Liaise with the Chairperson to ensure that all tasks involved are carried out efficiently
    • Coordinate the implementation of the volunteer recruitment, training and support plans
    • Recognise and nominate volunteers for volunteer awards
    • Ensure that volunteer paperwork is completed satisfactorily
    • Organise social and recruitment events for volunteers

Team Manager

  • Decide team selection
  • Promote participation in Team amongst wider Club membership
  • Organise and confirm match fixtures with opposing teams
  • Ensure all players have details of matches and venues
  • Ensure that all necessary equipment is available for home fixtures and, where necessary, food is provided
  • Complete all match paper work immediately after match finishes
  • Inform Club Committee of results

Tournaments Co-ordinator

  • Organise and oversee the running of Club tournaments, including payment of tournament fees
  • Organise and oversee the arrangements for hire and use of AELTC courts, including payment and receipt of fees

Premises Officer

  • To advise the Club Committee on any repairs to courts, grounds and clubhouse premises
  • To seek cost estimates for repair work to club premises, and to advise the Club Committee
  • To oversee work undertaken by contractors, and to advise the Club Committee on completion of work
  • To arrange work parties to carry out small scale repairs to the Club premises
  • To prepare and distribute an “opening up” rota for social tennis sessions
  • To be responsible for hire of clubhouse and bookings for use of clubhouse

Membership Secretary

  • To act as the first point of call for those looking to join or seeking information about the club/organisation
  • To keep a record of Junior and Adult membership details
  • To collect membership subscriptions from Senior and Junior members (except Saturday Junior members), and to pass them on to the Treasurer
  • To advise the Club Committee on membership trends and other membership matters
  • To advise the Club Committee on ways to attract new members
  • To arrange activities to promote the Club and increase membership
  • To keep the “peg” system up to date in respect of changing membership
  • To be responsible for membership information, welcome packs

Communications Officer

  • To prepare and distribute the Club Newsletter to the members
  • To seek items for inclusion in the Newsletter from the Committee and from Club members
  • To be responsible for the Club website
  • To promote the Club in the local media

Ball Supply Officer

  • To ensure an adequate ball supply for the Club’s use throughout the year
  • To advise the Club Committee on the trends in ball supply requirements, and the financial implications
  • To ensure that suitable balls are provided for each social tennis session

Catering Officer

  • To arrange for the supply of drinks and refreshments for social tennis sessions, and for coaching sessions
  • To arrange for the supply of drinks and refreshments for “open days” and other special events
  • To advise the Club Committee on financial issues arising out of the provision of drinks and refreshments

Socials Coordinator

  • To promote and coordinate a range of different social activities for Club members.
  • To seek views on the type of social events that Club members would like.

Welfare Officer

Promote safety and wellbeing within the Club, ensuring that children, young people and adults at risk are able to participate in tennis in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.

  • To respond to any concerns or issues that arise for children, young people and adults at risk, in a confidential and sensitive manner.
  • To contact the Safeguarding Team to discuss any concerns that have been raised, where you do not feel able to adequately manage the situation.
  • To contact Children’s Social Care and the Police if a child is at immediate and significant risk of harm.
  • To contact Adult Social Care or the Police if an adult at risk, is at immediate and significant risk of harm.
  • To record any concerns reported to you in relation to children, young people and adults at risk, on the Well-Being Form, and to forward to the Safeguarding Team for reference or for the matter to be escalated.
  • To actively promote the safety and well-being of all children, young people and adults at risk, with members and committee members.
  • To ensure that all Club members are aware of their duty of care towards children, young people and adults at risk, which means ensuring their safety and well-being.
  • To support and assist the Club to fulfil its responsibilities when organising activities for children, young people and adults at risk.
  • To support and assist the Club to fulfil its responsibilities for Clubmark in relation to children, young people and adults at risk.
  • To encourage those in a position of trust and authority to attend the LTA Safeguarding Training and LTA Equality Diversity and Inclusion Training, and
  • To maintain quarterly contact with the Safeguarding Team for support and reading email updates that the team sends.