The History of the Club

The Tennis Club was founded in 1931 by George Blay who was building houses on both sides of Grand Drive. It had a chequered history, at times almost running into disuse especially during the war.

After the war a Holding Company was formed by local residents. They bought the land, repaired the courts and had gas, electricity and water installed.

In 1948 the Junior Section was formed. In 1951 paving laid and in 1952 the main sewerage was installed and the chemical toilet became redundant!

The Club continued to thrive and by 1963 had become independent of the Holding Company and the Residents’ Association.

We jump to 2007 and the Club is approached by a development company with an offer to relocate the Club to Meadowview road. Five courts (instead of three) would be provided as well as a new club house. The Committee decided to pursue the offer and eventually relocated in 2013.

There is more detail in the links below:
History of the Club 1931 to 1958
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