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We can now report further progress on the relocation of the tennis club to the LESSA site. The tennis club has now taken over responsibility for the new tennis facilities at Meadow View Road (the LESSA site). The lease for the premises was completed on 10 December, which means that the new site is now ours.

The tennis club committee has set up a subcommittee of 4 people to oversee the details of the club’s move. That subcommittee consists of Phil Ryder, Andy Knap, Nicola Hudson and Paul Sadler. The next steps include:

  • To register the club’s lease of the land, with the Land Registry.
  • To arrange for suitable flooring to be laid down throughout the new clubhouse building (at present the flooring is fibreboard).
  • To get floodlighting installed on courts 4 and 5.
  • To construct a new shed for the storage of tools, tennis equipment and grounds maintenance equipment.
  • To pave over an area adjacent to the clubhouse, to be used as a seating area for spectators.
  • To supplement the existing chainlink fencing around the tennis courts, with more robust “weldmesh” fencing.
  • To install a “keypad” entry system to the site, which will use a combination number for access (all members will be advised of the number to use).
  • To provide new interior furnishings, where they are needed, for the clubhouse.
  • To install new signage.
  • To arrange for the removal of furnishings etc. from the existing premises, to the new premises.

The great majority of the cost of these works will be provided by the funding from a Sport England lottery award.

The committee will be taking decisions as to when the various tennis activities will be transferred to the new site. However at present it is felt that we should at least get some of the work done, before any tennis is played there.

We also plan to hold an opening ceremony for the new site, the details of which have yet to be worked out.

Finally we can report that we will be giving notice to the freeholders of the old site (129 Grand Drive) that we will be terminating our lease for that site, with effect from 30 April 2013.